Chasing Shadows - text

Is anybody over there or are you following me?
I look into the distance, as far as I can see.
You said you had an early night, to catch up on your sleep
But I heard you went out last night, you were never off your feet.

It's the morning after the night before I'm on the floor
Disorientated, dehydrated, waking up to another missed call
I'm back in the real world
Where everybody lives to work or do they work to live
You're only interested when it's all take without no give - you got

No reason to lie just speak your mind
'cause I'm not fussed as long as I know where I stand
I'm always chasing shadows (x2)

Last night's drunken ways got carried away but it happens all so fast
Do you find yourself stood with your best mates reminiscing about the past
Everything seems better everything seems so much better
When you're out of your tree, branching onto anyone
who'll agrees to disagree

It was the end of the night we'd been told twice
we had to leave
because nothing lasts forever
I'm always chasing shadows (x3)

Last night's drunken got were carried away but it happens all so fast

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