I'm Mad - text

Well I'm mad, pissed off about this whole affair
I'm mad, I can't believe that we don't care
I'm mad, how can you say just do it
We completely and totally blew it
I'm mad, that much is true
I'm mad, I'm mad at me and I'm mad at you
I'm mad, aw can't you see
Our overwhelming stupidity

I'm so mad
I'm so mad
It's black and its white
I'm mad, this problem had me up all night
I'm mad, you could say I'm perplexed
We're overworked and we're undersexed
I'm mad and we were outta time
I'm mad, it's too late to take it back
I'm mad, what more can I say
It didn't have to end this way
I'm so mad
I'm so mad

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