I Felt My Size - text

The heat from the closeness of me tilting towards the sun
Was storing up to ignite at night and light
The coldness of the cave
The billowy flames lit up my face
And thinning smoke hung in the branches waiting for wind
My front was warm, c-cold backs of my arms
Never felt the dawn, the night was long

When the real dawn came I saw it crawl over the hill
And I felt clean and shook my hair out in the light
I looked up and hurt my eyes on the painful powerful sky
I looked down and felt motion under me
When I looked out across the freeway at the people flying by
I turned my head, I closed my eyes, I felt my size
I recalled my fire, and my lack of dawn
My one sided warmth, I just wanted more
But I'm small, I'm not a planet at all
I'm small, I'm small, we're all

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