Stay another night - text

Baby, take off your shoes.
You and me, we ain't hardly through.
Until you treat yourself as well as I treat you,
baby, take off your shoes.

Why you tryin' to save me from you?
Can't you see I'm prepared for the blue
of your eyes when they find your heart's been a zoo?
Unlock the cages, set those wild animals loose.

Baby stay another night.
I was born to love you, I wasn't born to fight.
And you touched me that first time
like you'd known me all my life,
so baby, stay another night.

Let's don't say goodbye.
I don't wanna lose you,
I don't care who sees me cry,
But if you want that I should leave,
no I won't go asking why. But don't say it,
No don't say it, baby, don't say it. No, don't say it, baby.
Aw babe, let's don't say goodbye.
Aw baby stay another night.

Text přidala KatieLola

Video přidala KatieLola

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