Whole New Way (Bonus Track) - text

With silent feet my darling dreamer
She steps and skips around the fire
And though I know I cannot keep her
I sleep so gladly for a while

Now in ten years my darling dreamer
She disappears into the sea
To have her here awake from dreaming
Some things I fear never will be

I see a whole new way now
I see a new beginning
From the sky into the sea
A whole new way of living

Winter is here a nervous vigil
I light the lamp for her to see
She turns to me and her soft shadow
It stretches out along the beach

And they go again...

There is a whole new way now
From the sun right to the sea
There is a whole new way now
Such power running through me

I see a whole new way now
A season in full flower
I see a whole new way now
And I can't live without it

Text přidal Sigur

Videa přidal Sigur

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