Scarecrow - text

Scarecrow makes the crows laugh
Can we laugh at what we’re frightened of?
Nightmares hiding behind
A hollow cloth that hangs on a board

I wanna see you flyin‘
Don’t matter you’re scared to fall
I wanna see you laughin‘
Don’t matter the scarecrow at all
Time is runnin‘
Your life ain’t waitin‘
So come on!

Walk home over frozen pole
Ice cracks under step of toe
Fear flows tells you don’t go
Don’t stop or you’ll not make it home

I wanna see you comin‘
Don’t matter the night is cold
I wanna see you walkin‘
Don’t matter the ice can hold
Time is runnin‘
You life ain’t waitin‘
So come on!

Forget your fright
And feel alright
This is real, don’t give up
To lose to fear is to hide
From the unknown
To conquer fear is to embrace
The unknown

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