March 1st - text

The world is asleep tonight,
And my darling is safe at home.
These bones will rest tonight,
In a strange place all alone.

All my enemies,
Are just demons in my head.
And every one I meet,
Will pass right through me in the end.

Can I walk the line,
That leads me straight back to your heart?
Will you wait for me,
Or will our feelings disappear?

(Lala, lala, lala, lala, lala) Well you are so beautiful to me,
(Lala, lala, lala, lala, lala) We run, my eyes, I can't see!
(Lala, lala, lala, lala, lala),
(Lala, lala, lala, lala, lala),
(Lala, lala, lala, lala, lala)

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