Dickhead Stronger - text

Dickhead stronger thrills no longer
Body treated like a bitch
Lays on ground so fucking wasted
Hole in head- 5 inches, bleeeeds!

Dickhead stronger steals no longer
Nation's paid him not enough
Dealing, breaking, confiscating
Goods and money, can't get high!

Dickhead stronger!
Kills no longer!
Dickhead stronger!

Dickhead stronger!
Kills no longer!
Dickhead stronger!
The next step to hell!

Can't live longer in the stress
Dickhead tries to breathe in (the) mess
Hallucination he's out of action
All his comprehension sucks!

Frail dickhead, constably beaten
Found on black street, left to die
Now we show you who's the fucker
Kneel and beg to save poor life!


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