After The Love Has Gone - text

If we should come too close we run away
Didn’t we want this after all
Climbing so high that we become afraid
What if we can’t survive the fall

For as we dance the orchestra plays
Blind and scoreless
Still the symphony never strays
And even when
The moonlight turns your heart to stone
Lying side by side
Feels like you’re alone
Those eyes wide awake ‘til dawn
Watch an endless night
After the love has gone

Are we just faces from a masquerade
Banging our heads against the wall
These are the days we rush to come of age
No turning back but I recall

A place of midsummer madness plays
With the senses
On the edge of a timeless page
Once upon
A cold night on the wings of a storm
In enchanted light
Lovers and dreams were born
Soul rise life’s eternal sun
That grows old and died
After the love has gone

Love is a tapestry life can fray
At the corners
But it’s colours should never fade
When you’re love has gone

Love becomes a fine wine
Slowly spilt from the grail
It’s a bed of nails
No one can lie upon
This time live and breathe as one
For it’s much too late
After the love has gone

After the love has gone

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