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The Milk Song
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This song was performed in The Milk Out. It explains the different kinds of milk and the different way that everybody uses milk. Also, milk can be really tasty and milk has calcium, which is good for bones and teeth.

All: We like milk

Yeah we like milk

Plain, Chocolate or Strawberry

Makes me smile in my tummy

Bot: In your cereal or frozen ice cream-y,

Plain milk is also dreamy,

Plain White milk is my very very favourite kind

All: We like milk

Yeah we like milk

Geo: Chocolate Milk is my favorite

If I had a pool

Filled it up with it

Oh, Chocolate milk

I can drink it every day

All: We like milk

Yeah we like milk

Milli: Strawberries are pretty and pink

Mix with milk

It's my favorite drink

Makes me happy

From my head

Down to my toes

All: We like milk

Yeah we like milk

We like milk

Yeah we like milk

We like milk

We like milk

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