Team Umizoomi Mighty Math Powers - text

Mighty Math Powers is Team Umizoomi's main theme song used throughout season 1.

We really gonna need your help. Will you help us fix
You will?
Umi rific!
Now you are Team Umizoomi. With us!
We're call you: Umi-Friend.
Hello Umi-Friend.
Welcome to the Team!
It's time to get our Mighty Math Powers ready!

Note: Italics mean the charcter is speaking and not singing!

Milli: I'm Milli!

I can make any pattern with my dress.

Pattern of Butterflies! Pattern Power!

Geo: I'm Geo!

I can build anything with my shapes.

Triangle! Oval! Super Shapes!

Bot: I'm Bot!

I can show you anything on my belly belly belly screen.

Skyscraper! Taxi! Traffic Light!

Milli: Umi Friend! That's you!

You've got might math powers, too! Let's see your mighty math powers!

Count down with me! Start with 5. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Team Umizoomi: You've got mighty math powers!

Mighty, mighty math powers!

Milli: You got 'em!

Team Umizoomi: You've got mighty math powers!

Team Umizoomi ready for action!

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