Tonic Sounds - text

You, stressed to the point of snapping
Hey can't you see, sounds like me
We'll do whatever pulls us through
Celebrate every day

Still turning, turning away
Use tonic sounds
Defend our sanity
Still turning, turning away

And everybody looks away
While the world is in decay

It seems like people are weaker
And the demons are stronger
Mother nature's angry
These might be the last day

Turning, turning away
Use tonic sounds
Turning as they play
Still turning, turning away

Caught in a trap
Breaking your back
Bring us down in a pile of shit

A little tonic for the soul
Oh tonic sounds
A little tonic for the soul
Tonic sounds

Oh, father guide the children
Or there will be nothing left
For the next generation
Hate is the cancer of the world

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