Scissors - text

Come on in just one time
I promise you'll be fine
We'll drink and dance
And then I'll pour you wine
Sipping from the devil's glass
No more air, it's all gas
It's choking me
And I can't fucking breathe,
I can't feel a thing
Lately baby
I can't think straight
My mind deteriorates
And I just can't stop shaking
I'm yours for the taking
We come together so close
Only to cut ourselves away
Withering like a beautiful rose
That's starting to decay
We're just two words
That don't know we rhyme
So let's spin around another time
Yeah spin around another time
Spin around one more time
Cause we're out of luck
Sick as fuck
The dreaming of dying
The cheating, the lying
Cause we're out of luck
Sick as fuck
The dreaming of dying
The truth that we're hiding
So use me up
Touch my skin
Make me believe that there's something left within
I hate to tell you that
I'm dying
But it's better to pretend
I'm not dead
What good are we alone
We both turn to stone
Our hearts harden and we break our bones
When two halves become whole
With all the pieces of the person I stole
We fit together like a perfect match
But one of us starts to detach
Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut,
Cut me off
Come together with me
Dig into my skin until
I can see

Text přidal NeosMetalist

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