Dontbeafraidibroughtmyknife - text

[Hook: surrenderdorothy]
Would you stay and wait for me
Or would you keep on walking by
I don't want to know the truth
Cuz if it's not what I want to hear
I will leave this life my dear

[Verse 1: Bones]
Flames on my body my shirts say harley
My blunts just darling, my lungs working hardly
Impressionistic oils, all I see make me feel royal
Know I got you if you loyal but if not I'm out of order
Never catch me sippin soda, bitch, I'm juicin' while I'm rollin'
Cold jar full of life, spark the blunt, it shine like foil
Doing everything you wish you could
I wake up real early, got money already, I'm cashin' out while I'm subdued
Too many reasons why nobody can touch me
I make the door, I make the key, I make the wrist that will clutch it


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