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Bitches at my burial
Trying to touch
$lick so grey no running blood
Skull 2 feet he's covered up with dead vines, crows, and liquid Tuss
Suicidal holocaust
For the dead i shed a tear
Cut fuck boys from ear to ear
You never see me creeping near
Triple six
Lord infamous
Dedicate my soul to he
The scarecrow that had birthed me
Screaming Ricky RIP
Creep like Koopsta
Trizzy trick
The devil's playground in my head
Live through me until i am dead
New orleans born but memphis bred

I know motherfuckers wanna be grey
Burn a cig in your wrist cauterize your fuckin vein
What a shame fuck boy think he know the game but he don't know shit
Cut off his head hand his body to $lick
Told him "Do something with this"
Burn him into ash
No, put him in a ditch
Put him in the trash
Even in death he ain't shit
Bitch boy didn't even make the motherfucking list, hoe
And still Ruby ceases to exist
Whisper in the wind
Whisper on your bitch's lips
Spill two drinks for the demons and sins
I committed to nothing but i committed nonetheless
Six wishes for death
Holding my breath i got six digits
No seventh number except for my residence
Bitch i'm not heaven sent not sent to heaven
Got sixes and crucifixes

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