The Cage - text

Reason to exist - Unknown
Destination - Unknown
Origination - Unknown
Life's Reaction - Unknown
Purpose - Unknown

Living in the cage called time
Living in the fetters called flesh
If we can't sense it, we will disintegrate
Light ray's that haven't reached us yet
It's sweet and gentle but oh so cruel...

Reason for malfunction - Unknown
Past cause - Unknown
Inflectious place - Unknown
Infected time - Unknown
Reason to exist - Unknown

Faster, faster into the void
Faster, into the truth
What have we been so afraid of?
I don't want to be kept there
We are insignificant but we are universe

Tokiwa sora wa nagare teikune
Ima, naikaga kawarou toshiteirune
Kanjirare nakereba kowareteshimau
Kokokara nukedasanakya

Through the boundless century and we forget
Through the boundless century and just we remember

Where is the truth?

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