In A Sweet Dream - text

You probably wish you were
Anywhere but here...
Remember this now 'cos it soon will disappear
You'll find yourself wishing
You're anyone but you.
I'm starting to wish I were
Anyone but me.
And I will be broken by this...
As soon as you wake you will
Find me on my way.
And soon when it's safe you may
Find a love again.
And I will be broken by this
Sweet dream
But it's all I have.
Seems that it, oh it
Always bleeds like this
When nothing's wrong
But nothing feels right
You're knocked down and dying,
You'll stand right back up
And you'll fall all alone...
All in this...
Sweet dream
It's all I have
A sweet dream
It's all I have
It's the finest moment that you've ever had.
Like a fallen star in the palm of your hand.
A sweet dream
It's all I have
A sweet dream
It's all I've got...

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