Silver Lining - text

It's so hard to let go of this grief that constantly follows me
This dull ache within my bones won't leave me alone
A pain I've always known
Refusing to go anywhere that cannot be repaired
My feelings of despair say that I don't have a prayer

Make me believe that this is not the end
Make me believe that you can't take this from me
Make me believe

How can I heal?
Retreating inside, I hide myself from you, forsaking everything I knew

I'll find my way out of this adversity
Won't let you push me into obsecurity
Swallow my pride and myself pity
You can save your sympathy
Save your sympathy


So many misleading routes that I can't find my way out
So use to misery suffusing everything
Taking me / making me / break everything

You can't condemn me

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