Bleeding Heart Theory - text

Please heal me, feel me, kill me...
It's not easy.
Everything I had is what I had to give,
And what I have is not enough for me to live.


Somedays I cannot cope at all.
Do I have to get on my knees and crawl?
Who's to blame?
Is it my...fault?

Is this what my life does?
Is this who I once was? (Who I was.)
I bled, bled for, you. (Bled for you.)
I bled for you. (Bled for you.)

You used me up,
And now you've had enough.
You used to be second to none,
But now it seems as if you're...
Done with me!

Kill me deep inside,
This pain, I can't hide.
I'd kill myself for you,
If you only asked me to.
You took away everything,
But gave away nothing.
All this - all for you!

Suffer! (Suffer!)
Suffer for you!
Suffer for you!
Suffer for you!
Suffer! ripped my heart out.

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