Spaz Out - text

Don't make me spaz out
Don't make me spaz out
If I don't fuck with you, fool, don't put your hand out [x2]

[Verse 1]
I ain't got no friends cause I don't trust nobody, nigga
If you ever try to test me, I'ma catch a body, nigga
TMI Gang; fuck yo' squad; what you reppin'?
If you ain't affiliated with me, boy, then get to steppin'
I snap my fingers and my gorillas gon' getcha
We got bomb money, lawyer money, drug money, FOOL!
And I never graduated; I was screaming, "Fuck a school!"
I was always a leader
Got codeine and a two-liter
And hell yeah, boy, I fucked your bitch; best believe I'm gon' eat her
Eat the booty, eat the pussy up, I suck her toes, I get real freaky
She bouncing up on my dick, I swear to God I thought the bitch was tweakin' (God damn!)
Haha! Stitches stole yo' bitch, fool!




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