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Look at us standing here
Staring into space, wondering what to say
If it's all about trust, look into my eyes
I ain't that kind of guy

It's cold outside and I can't tell you to go
All the roads are frozen and I'm begging you not to drive home

Stay with me tonight
Lay your head down next to mine
Stay with me tonight
Oh, let's leave our troubles behind

Slide over here
Let's keep each other warm
Shelter from the storm
Come closer to me
Give me a little of your time
Tell me what's on your mind

It's a beautiful evening and I don't want it to end
Cause you're my type of woman and I wanna be more than a friend

Stay with me tonight
Oh, I promise I'll treat you right
Stay with me tonight
Under the cold clear cool moonlight

When the sun comes up I'll be holding you close to my chest
I'm gonna love you some more and I'll bring you you're breakfast in bed
Yes I will

Stay with me tonight
Tell your friends you'll be just fine
Stay with me tonight
Oh, I may just be your kind
Stay with me tonight
I'll set my soul on fire
Stay with me tonight
Oh I need you by my side

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