Black Roses - text

I see the children
They are watching in silence
I take your hands
They fear some violence
They work in the garden
The garden of destruction
Some children never sleep
It's that solution

Fear, fear of the destiny
Look at the sky, the red blood sky
Your souls...
Cry in agony
You'd love to die

Black Roses, garden of angels
Black Roses, kill is the solution
Black Roses, finger on your guns
You'd love to die

Black Roses, your heart of stone
Your blood is burning in your veins
Black Roses, with your army of strong
Preachers are hunting the brains

The church is down
Innocents march to war
Bullets on the wall
Guns, you need more

Guns in your hands
Your mind don't understand
Innocence is not excuse
For barbarian

Your body is in my command
Shoot, shoot on the enemies
Tears are downing from your eyes
Kill, kill and survive
Kill, kill and survive

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