Keep Shelly In Athens - Benighted - text

Lost in the boundless sea
my peace will come to me
I'll follow the beams of night
and I'm never getting lost again I saw your face it's flaming bright

talk, talk,
let it, let it
all go,
liberate your
foe, foe,
I can feel no
woe, woe
I can't feel...

Did it matter?
Should have matter?

Your eyes they're all aglow
I guess I should forego
Maybe you'll set me free
but I'll never leave you know the tide of time is flowing back with me
with me, yeah

Talk, talk,
work it, work it
all out,
beat your brains
about, (bout)
Can you live
without (out)?
I can't leave (you)

Did it matter?
Should have matter?

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