Captain Hook Never Breaks A Promise/The Elega.. - text

Yo ho!
Yo ho!
Yo ho, yo ho, yo ho!

So try the life of a thief
Just sample the life of a crook
There isn't a boy who won't enjoy
Aworkin' for Captain The world's most famous crook

Crook crook
Crickitey crocity crickitey crook
The croc is after Captain

A special offer for today I'll tell you what I'll do
All those who sign without delay
Will get a free tatoo
Why, it's like money in the bank
Come on
Join up and I'll be Frank
Unless you do
You'll walk the plank!
The choice is up to you
The choice is up to you

Yo ho
Yo ho
Yo ho, yo ho, yo ho
You'll love the life of a thief
You'll relish the life of a crook
There's barrels of fun for everyone
And you'll get treasures by the ton

So come and sign the book
Join up with Captain ...

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