Pitbull Back in Time - text

Let's excuse me baby
Go, Yeah you baby
Back, Ooh you groovy baby
In, let's make a movie baby
Time, excuse me baby
Let's, yeah you baby
Go, Ooh you groovy baby
Back in, let's make a movie baby, Time
It's Mr Worldwide, Agent A, Reporting live
From Cape Canaveral, MK, Big Syphe
Let's ride
Back, Back, In, In, Time
Ohh baby, Ohh baby
My sweet baby
You're the one
Miami equals black mask, black clothes
With a little bit of rope to tie
I flipped it
Black suits, white shirts, black glasses with a matching tie
Like Agent J or Agent K
And I wish the whole world would
Ok, I'm tryin' make a billion out of 15 cents
Understand, understood
I’m a go-getter, mover, shaker, culture
Bury a boarder, record-breaker won’t cha
Give credit where credit is due don’t cha
Know that I don't give a number two
Y'all just halfway thoughts
Not worth the back of my mind
But to understand the future
We have to go back in time
Ohh baby, Ohh baby
My sweet baby

Text přidal hasic-mike

Video přidal DevilDan

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