Spacehead - text


So you think I've got a problem?
So you think it's all to clear?
Got fucking mental of disorder
Where's the fucking order around here?

I'm a spacehead, I'm not a stupid head
I am a space head, just open-minded


Why when I cry do I hang my head down low?
How do you move so fast but think so slow?
My favorite things I'll never know
Hang my head in the wind and let it blow

I'm a spacehead, I'm not a stupid head
I am a spacehead, just open my head


Dancing in the library and the teacher says I'm a spacehead
Smoking in the church and the preacher says I'm a spacehead

The books are burning fast
The books are burning fast

I bet you know just what I'm saying
Maybe I am saying something else
The next decision that you make
Is probably gonna be a big mistake

I'm a spacehead
Can I open up your head?
I'm a spacehead
I'm just open-minded

Spacehead (×9)

Text přidala Andryx12

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