Money Talks - text

Awww, cute little fucker, shouldn't get more
'Cause money talks these days, so everybody listen
Whipping out our wallets trying to buy what we're missing
Money screams and said "I need a slave"
I'm just trying to find somebody to dig my grave

Everbody's listening, everbody's listening everybody's kissing
I said everbody's listening, all those eyes are glistening
All these eyes they say "Need more, little more
Need a little—whoa"

Those corporate kings do crazy things, they'll ruin a man's mind
Makes your kids scream like newborns and they drown like flies
I'm just tryin' to find somebody to pay my bail
Money screams and says "My soul is for sale"

Everbody's listenin', everbody's listenin'
All those eyes are glistenin'
I said everbody's listenin', all those eyes are glistenin'
All these eyes they say
Look out, show it of, to all

I need a maid, pick up my mess, help me in the morning, help me get dressed
I'll pay you when I get paid
I'll pay you when I get paid
I'll pay you when I get paid tonight

I'll pay you when I get paid
I'll pay you when I get paid
No more may go

Ha-ha, talk shit
I said money talks they say
Money talks these days
Whatcha gonna do when the burglar says your money or your life
Money talks these days

Text přidala Andryx12

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