Christmas Spirits - text

"Hey, why don't you sit down, children?
Grandpa'll tell you a little story.
Not so long time ago,
perhaps it was even last Christmas, who's to say.

The following story took place in far north.
In a beautiful place where northern lights dance,
in the wintry sky and millions of stars with,
smiling moon oversee this magical play.
They call this place Lapland.

As you know,
this is where Santa Claus lives together,
with Mrs. Santa and countless elves and other creatures.
Usually things go as planned, but one day,
somehow, one of the elves found Santa's secret cabin,
filled with Christmas spirits.

An event that almost ruined Christmas."

Undecked halls, this seems fishy!
Rudolph's running down to Santa's shack!
"The elves are gone, the times are busy!"
"I cannot build the toys with one pair of hands!"

Oh my, the empty shelves!
they found the hidden,
spirits of last Christmas!

"Now I see, fuel your nose!
We'll search the city!
Those guys will drink the world,
a dry of irish things."

"Run, Rudolph run,
with bells and whistles.
We're searching every bar,
and guest house!"

The Santa's call they'll heed, soon wobble,
in a circle round the tilted Christmas tree.

"Santa, pretty please,
won't you let us have more Irish tea,
for we'll be fuelled by Christmas Spirits.
From this day on 'till the end of times."

"Why, you little tea glazed monsters?
These toys I see, they're not exactly for children,
I believe...

You've gotta be out of your minds,
these are toys of a different kind.
What would you do with this one anyway?"

"Here's what we'll do, now!"

"Undo the mess, get back in the line now!
Then go, build toys and a fiddle!
24 days and nights in the moonlight,
you'll work and here is a riddle!"

What doesn't have feet,
still runs away... it's time!"

"Alright, back to work now!"

"So once again all was well in the house of Santa.
Toys were built and gifts got packed, as usual.
But every now and again you may just get something...
You did not really wish for.
And well, now you should have an idea why..."

"Enough with that infernal yodelling!
Get to work!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..."

"Ohh shut up you!"

"And this, children,
is when Santa learned to hide his Christmas spirits from the elves.
But you know, still, sometimes, during Christmas holidays,
if you are quiet and smell really carefully,
you just may find a tiny trail of Christmas spirit in your very own home.

Now, time to turn in.
Go, go, go!
Good night."

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