Dont give up on me - text

If I fall short, if I don't make the grades/
If your expectations aren't met in me today/
There is always tomorrow, or tomorrow night/
Hang in there baby, sooner or later/
I know ill get it right,

Please, don't give up on me/
Oh please don't give up on me/
I know its late, late in the game/
But my feelings, my true feelings/
Haven't changed/
Here in my heart/

I know, I know I was wrong, wrong wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong/
I'd like to make a mends for the love that I never, ever, ever, ever shown/
Just don't give up on me, every word is true/

I'll give you my everything, all of my love,all of my love, all of my love love love/
Just don't give up on me/
Oh please, please, please/
Don't give up on me.

I don't want you to/
I know its late, but wait, please, please, please, please/
Don't give up on me/
Promise, will you promise, will you promise me/
Please don't give up on me/

We can make it if we try/
I'm gonna hold on, hold on with me/
And don't give up on me, oh-ooh, -oohohoooh -baby/
Oh baby, Oh baby, please, don't-give-up-on-me/
Whatever you do, we gonna make it, gonna make it through/
Don't you give up on me, please, please, please.... Promise me/

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Don't Give Up on Me

Solomon Burketexty

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