She's a Knockout - text

Everywhere she goes people turn their heads
She's a knockout
Everyone wishes she was sleeping in their beds
She's a knockout
When guys see her comin' they start spending their money
She's a knockout
But don't you know I'm the only one who can call her honey
She's a knockout

She's a knockout, She's a knockout

She's exotic but not foreign, built like an old Cadillac
She's a knockout
Once she's left your life she ain't never comin' back
She's a knockout
With her black silk stockings and her high-heeled shoes
She's a knockout
Once she's left your life you'll surely sing the blues
She's a knockout


Some friends were tellin' me, just the other day
They walk right up to her, they don't know what to say
And when she calls me (hear a ring on the telephone)
I'll be there waiting for her, sitting at home all alone
All alone

In the nightclubs baby when the lights shine down
She's a knockout
When she walks down the aisle ya know her hips begin to sway
She's a knockout
come on little baby I'll show yo the way
She's a knockout...

Text přidala MissH

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