Another State of Mind - text

Well I'm in another state, another state of mind,
I wish that I could be there right next to her
This road leads to this, and this one leads to that,
Her voice sends shivers down my spine.

These scars in my flesh,
I'm bruised and I'm bloodied
Only she knows the pain that I've been through.
Talk to her a thousand miles away,
There's tears in her eyes.
If I make it back I'm gonna show her,
she's the only one for me

Hitch a ride on the wild side,
It's real hell on wheels.
There's gonna be a fight tonight, I know.
Another city we can't find,
Another city left buried behind.
As I picture her, the cities burn away.

[Chorus x2]

Text přidala MissH

Video přidala kik13

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