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I want to watch the universe expand.
I want to break it into pieces small enough to understand,
And put it all back together again
In the quiet of my private collection.
It feels like an out of body experience—
But something gets lost from a safe distance
And now I can't put my mind to rest,
And I can't help but second guess
Living behind this one-way mirror.
I'm hypnotized by this anomaly.
Such strange uncharted territory—
A white flag waves in the dark between my head and my heart.
My armor falls apart,
As if I could let myself be seen, even deeply known.
Like I was already brave enough to let go.
And now I want to generously lose
This energy that I've been hanging onto so desperately.
I finally feel the universe expand—
It's hidden in heartbeats, exhales
And in the hope of open hands.

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