The Stinger - text

Push dry in and pull wet out
Freud first knew what's life about
I have tool to make it right
Leave all women satisfied

Up and down, so fast
Smash you like uh la la la
I love you baby

Size of black, shade of white
Pokin' out when put inside
We can make it, oh my god!
Goal is simple - move on!

Up and down, so fast
Smash you like a Barbie girl
In the Barbie world

Now he's gonna take you to the stars
Best part of me makes me proud!

My titanic friend, the Juggernaut
It's all about inside out!

Made to ram - made to blow
Guest star of home videos
Python sneaks out of your bed
Bliss-o-meter's turnin' red

Text přidala PaulieC

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