Let's Roll - text

Last beams of the evening sun
Waking up die Reeperbahn
Cheering folks come on and on
Through the gates of Babylon

Heat of the Rock café
Babes and rockstars 'round the stage
Fame or shame, black or white
Ready for the fuckin' ride

Let's roll - like there's no future
Festival of lights
Let's roll - like there's no future
Hamburg crazy nights
Let's roll - like there's no future
Make you so alive
Let's roll - like there's no future
Social overdrive

We did it, no fuckin' joke
Got for free some jack and coke
Left behind the audience
Horny for another bands

Pink signs, endless rows of
Night clubs and Go-Go shows
Rome was not built in a day
See you again

Red Poison in our veins
Want some Cream Pie?
Powered by TSR
Night Laser in the sky

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