Death - text

Death awakens pain!
Our desires are a butcher
And a new god
There are no judges
But fear ordered to shiver!
Afraid of dying?
We've been dead long
(We've been dead long, DEAD)

Universal vermin,
We carry crooked notions
Like ideal of all HATE,
We slowly rot deep in it

No time, that's a LIE!
Twisting sense
The truth will be our judge

Temptation destroys your will!
Depresses a man, everything dies
Gods ideology releases hell at war
There's NO GOD

You're the one who killed God inside
Seeded evil in yourself
You're the one who judge the victim
There's no time, and no you

Paradox removes inevitable punishment
Only trials your judge
Wrong meaning of life grows fear in us

There is no god, only death is here [2x]


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