Bleed - text

I don't hear the angels
They don't sing for me
I just hear the rumors
That they take themselves lightly
I don't want to fly

I see the smoke and cry and choke

I bleed
To know that I'm alive
I bleed
Trying to survive

Last thing I remember
Were the nails in my back
They just start me rollin'
From the stones in my head
Treat me like your slave

I'm big, I'm strong, I'm brave, I'm wrong

Open your heart
Open to things so ripped apart,
so torn
I've been reborn
Full of light
That shines so bright on a summer morn
Go closer to the truth,
Closer to the light
Go wake the driver,
Cover your eyes
Play the game,
Play your part
Pay your money,
Take it back
Take it back to the start

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