Devil's Onions - text

I'll get the clown's pie, with the Devil's onions
It's a feast indeed
We ride hard, we fear the Lord - we gonna live forever
That night we all got drunk a lot of things were said
We put that all behind us - it's behind us now
In the scheme of things it is a grand scheme
We got it all to play for

It's a Golden Age
It's a Golden Age

It's running late, all so goddamn late
We got our feet in the furnace
Feel like a thunder lizard with my might jaws
And this walnut brain
In the arch of the heavens there's a tired little star
At the end of its run
There's been a thousand years and the headsman's axe
But the walls endure

It's a Golden Age
It's a Golden Age

I like the way she looks at me, I like her motor skills
I like the way she shimmies
Through the liquor and the pills
I like the way the walls press in, I like the teeming sky
I know I am, I'm sure I am
I'm H.A.P.P - H.A.P.P.Y.

It's Best Value, it's Fit for Purpose, it's a Box in a Field
We got Prole Dazzle and Mall Glut
Out here in the Boomburb
Got a Snout House near the Pork Chop Lot
It's a Growth Machine
There's a retail chain that arcs across the world
Like a Bridge of Rainbows

It's a Golden Age
It's a Golden Age

It's a land grab from the long Firm
They're going on the pavement
They got the wrong guy
(Though his crimes are many - justice will be done)
Ah the words are clunky, and the lines don't rhyme
But the truth's revealed
And for a flat fee which is all-inclusive
I don't think you can complain

It's a Golden Age
It's a Golden Age

It's a Golden Age
It's a Golden Age

It's a Golden Age
It's a Golden Age...

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