Dragonfire's Burning - text

A Land Of Crystal Moonlight Where Dragons Flying Free
Lies Far Away From My Home Behind The Deep Black See
I've Seen This Twilight Kingdom Once In My Own Dream
I Know - The Magic Ring Of Truth May Be Hidden In...

Through The Years I've Been Searching
For My Destiny
To Find The Answers To All Questions
And Be Really Free

I Fly Over The Mountains And Raging Seas
In Silver Moonlight I Fly Above The Trees
And Through The Mystic Twilight Where Ancient Legend Born
I Overcome My Destiny And Leave My Land Forlorn

Through The Years I've Searching For The
Magic Ring Of Truth
That Forged In Holy Dragonfire
Far Away So Far Away...

Dragon's Fire Is Burning
In The Darkest Night
Dragon's Fire Is Burning
Burn Before My Eyes

Release Me From The Pain When
Legend Becomes A Truth
And Silent Echoes In The Wind
Shows Me The Seven Ways To Win

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