Neverending - text

They tell me I'm sane
And yet I retain
These memories
I know good and well are killing me
Regret is the symphony
And sorrow the key
Move forward, move backwards
And that, my friend, is insanity
Break the chain
Easier said than done
Is this humanity?

My days are in trances
I fear my dreams are haunting me
I walk beneath a blaze of twilight
The stars above bring hope to mortals

Fake a smile, it's okay
Just another day
Nothing much to say
In my mind, I'm screaming
Too many words on the tip of my tongue
And not a soul who could listen

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
No escaping my mind
Is there a place of sanctity?
Or is this road neverending?
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
I am falling behind
Perhaps you could be some company?
On this road neverending

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