Sail - text

A night, one of a kind
No use in break of day, alone
The wind is blowing stronger,
whispers softly in my ear, your name
And the water in my eyes is just the rain
You must go, you must go!

There's a place out, on the ocean
far away from love's commotion
We could sail, we could sail
There's no wave to break the silence
Only driftwood left of violence
We could sail, we could sail
We could

Are we on the right way
or should I alter course, alone
Is the anchor down the deep
Really stronger than our force
Don't you see I'm loosing ground
Hold on tight and don't let go
Just for this moment, far away

Just follow me and take my hand
I'll follow you, I promise you

There's a place I'm sure, sail away with you
far away, sail away, far beyond
Set sail to far beyond, rising like the sun
No reason to stay

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