What I Want - text

I want more time,
I want more life
I want more light into your life
This is my hymn to get you here
In all these nights
I lift you up with all your tears
I want you back, you disappeared
Oh can’t you see into my eyes
I want you back, you are my light
Dance – dance with your darkness
Dance – dance with your loneliness
I want no pain, I want no lies
I want no grief and no disguise
I want to stay with you tonight
And drink some wine
And what I want, is what I need
And what I need, is what I feel
And what I feel, is what I love
And what I love, is what I live
I want a life without divides
I want to achieve what I devise
And after I have died away
I hope someone remembers me
What I want is only you
And what I want is the truth

Text přidal DevilDan

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