Every Day - text

I’m one of million faces,
I’m caring alone
And where is my home?
When will we reach our shore?
But now we’re alive and so we go on
I hope for myself I won’t be saying: so long!
And then I’m feeling lonely
There I’m sitting all night long
Every day I feel alone
And I am longing for a home
Where is the love I want to feel?
The love that will set me free
And every day I’m feeling lonely
Every day I feel this hole
And every day I want to go
I wanna secure my home
And every day I’m feeling empty
Every day the same show
And how you can find to yourself?
How can you secure your home?
Each day I’m feeling lonely – it’s searing my mind
I dream of reaching the shore
And every day I’m feeling lonely
Every day in my hole
And what is lurking on my way?
I want to secure my home
And people killing, people dying
I was sad and you were crying
I was tearing away
And I’m still feeling this way
I’m feeling my way
And every day I’m feeling lonely
Every day in my hole
I wanna feel, I want to say
And want to get rid of my hole
I wanna say: "Now I got rid of my hole"
I’m feeling lonely, feeling empty
And I search for my home, my home, my home
And searching all night long

Text přidal DevilDan

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