All I Need Is You - text

I don't need money
I don't need gold
Your sweet kiss is wealth untold
I don't need the sunshine in the skies
There is sunshine in your eyes
When you hold me, oh, so near
Nothing more can matter, dear
Oh, all I need is you

When I'm lost in your embrace
The world becomes a magic place
When you hold me church bells ring
When I kiss you angels sing
Can't you see I love you so?
Say you'll never let me go
Oh, all I need is you

Oh, darling, please believe me
My love is not a lie
For if you ever leave me
Then I would die

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Hold me tight and hold me fast
Say your love will always last
Darling never set me free
Please don't take your love from me
What's the sky without the moon above?
What am I without your love?
Oh, all I need is you (all I need is you)
(All I need is you)
(All I need is you)

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