Virgin Street 69 - text

10 o' clock now, I slum the door behind,
still my daddy's shouts fill my head,
dance my lady, spin my brain around,
towards Virgin Street 69

outside people, ordinary world,
inside angels of hell dance in heaven,
I get closer, I read upon the door:
"welcome to the place where your dreams are true!"

I'm goin' down to the vicious house,
Down down down down,
Oasis of of pleasure

If you want now just fun, nothing more
Come with us, leave the world out of your door,
If you feel like in heaven you're lost,
You'll find your heart at Virgin Street 69!

Sensual glances, pleasant smiles,
I'm tortured and inflamed again,
Dance my babe, spin my brain around,
The Beauty-fool and the Duchess
Come on my way...yeah

I'm goin' down...

Text přidal nightmareph

Video přidala MarketaSt


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