Ugly City - text

Oh, this ugly city. I can't even seem to see the stars up
Oh, this lonely city. Where can I go but to the arms of
the one I love.
She knows me. We've got so many things, I should be so
She's beautiful, and day by day it just grows and grows.

And like the ocean, it just rolls. While the ugly city
But we're safe my love and me, 'cause our love is like
the sea, oh.

I once saw a rainbow in Washington. But only one, then
day was done.
It lived for just a little while, then the city smiled
and it died.

Someday I'll leave this ugly city. Up and pack my bags
and catch me an eastern bound train.
Yes, I'm gonna leave this lonely city. I'm leaving just
as soon as I find my fortune and fame.
Oh this ugly city. Working a poor man to fill an early
Wish it would rain.

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