You Make Me Crazy - text

Fill me up to the top and take me away
To some little hidin' place in old Monterey
'Cause you, you make me crazy

Can't keep my hands off you, can't leave you alone
You've got the sweetest smile and a style of your own
And you, mmm, you make me crazy
Yeah, you, you make me crazy

Oh well, I don't wanna know about your past
Let's think of what we've got and make a good thing last
'Cause you, you make me crazy

Well, you knock me out
Ooh, but it feels all right
You turn me on all day and
You keep me up all night
Oh, yeah

Call all my friends to say, "I'm leavin' town."
Anytime my baby comes around
And ooh, mmm, makes me crazy

Well, I'm crazy, crazy
Crazy 'bout you baby
I'm crazy, crazy, crazy
I'm crazy 'bout you baby

I'm crazy 'bout my baby
I'm crazy, crazy 'bout my baby
'Cause you, you make me crazy
I'm outta my mind
You make me crazy
Oh, this can't be right, no
You make me crazy
Got me up all night
You make me crazy
Crazy, crazy 'bout you baby
You make me crazy
Oh, it's so wrong, but it's all right, yeah
You make me crazy
Oh, baby
You make me crazy

Text přidal Moonblade

Video přidal Moonblade

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