Don't Stop Me Now - text

Don't stop me now, I can't take it
I can't quit, I don't know how, I can't fake it
And who says it's not allowed? We can make it baby
Don't stop me now. I can't face it, huh

(Don't stop me now)
Not while the wheel's in motion
(Don't stop me now)
Yeah, we got a good thing goin'

Don't stop me now, while I'm dreamin'
Well right now, I feel so hot, yeah, feel like I'm steamin'
And last night I woke up and I was screamin'
So don't stop me now, while I'm dreamin'

(Don't stop me now)
Oh, babe, let's keep it rollin'
(Don't stop me now)
Yeah, we've got a good thing goin'

There's a light ahead and it's turnin' red
Oh, lord, I think I'm gonna run it
Don't turn me 'round, don't slow me down
Ooh, baby, just keep it comin'

Don't stop me.
(Don't stop me now)
Oh no, no, no.
(Don't stop me now)
Keep it comin'.
(Don't stop me now)
Mmm, so hot, so hot
(Don't stop me now)
Oh don't turn me 'round, no, no

Ooh, don't stop me now
Ooh, keep it comin'
Ooooooh baby, yeah

Text přidal Moonblade

Video přidala Maribel

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