No Time to Lose - text

You keep your troubles but I keep my life
I am a child of delights
I have adventures you can't understand
cause your world's just a bored black 'n' white

I'm giving parties, excessive 'n' wild
maybe, it can be the last
I'm boozin', I'm sniffin' and I'm whorin' around
sometimes our life's passing fast

I've got no time to lose

You're telling me words I can't understand,
I hear from your predestined way
the things that I do can change at any time
man, I just live for the day

I've got no time to lose

Today you're a lion, tomorrow a mouse
who can predict what'll arise?
There is a livin' before we die
so stand up and open your eyes!

I am a guy who takes liberties
to be whimsical but free
I take your woman I have no conscience
I am the man you wanna be

I've got no time to lose
I've got no time to lose
I've got no time to lose
I've got no time to lose
I don't take time to lose all my way

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