Heavy Metal - text

I read all my fan mail from the zoo today
all my friends in the jungle they want me back to stay
that I'm free don't make no sense to me
all of my mind has gone down the drain
And I can see just what you mean
I ain't moving on
I live my life every day in a comic book style
I'd sell myself every morning just to get a second hand smile
that I'm free is a mockery
because nothing here feels very real to me
And I can see
just what you mean
I ain't moving on
I put a spell on you
So when you see me around won't let me know that you are fine
And when I'm out on the town I might come up and see you sometime
hope to Christ baby that I'm not wrong
And if I am then I'll swing along
then you can see
just what I mean
I ain't moving on

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