Forgive - text

Am I the one to tell the wrong
from the right, the grace from the hate?
Am I the one to kneel to the Throne?
Run when it’s already too late

Being deceived by my own kin
Slain by the lies, the sin
The child in me is trying to break free
Following the road unseen


Not fully understanding the price
Which was paid by Christ
We choke in our hate, our selfish blood
When man killed his God

Please, help me!
Forgive me!

Sometimes I feel so cold
I can’t breath
I ain’t worthy of the sacrifice You’ve made
For me…
You’re my God, You’re the Light in this world

Understanding- my- agonizing- fight!
Redeem- me- into- the- Light!

Please, help me!
Forgive me!

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